The gràvitree philosophy is that real change is best achieved through a ground-up and inside-out approach to an individual’s development.

We work with organisations that focus on the kind of interventions that fundamentally affect a person’s life, like building the groundwork for practical skills training and collaborative learning. We complement this with a focus on individuals’ sense of self-worth, and lead them to a fuller understanding of their broader responsibilities in society (including to their families).


Recognising that addressing poverty and upliftment can often be one-dimensional and tends to focus on symptoms rather than solutions, gràvitree brings together complementary programmes and partner organisations that build upon each other’s successes in order to achieve sustainable impacts.

Ensuring that its partners do not function in isolation and are not limited to unrealistic timelines, gràvitree guides the strategic focus, collective resources and programming so that there is a collaborative and incremental approach to growing the social, emotional and economic capital in the communities in which it works.